Welcome to the home of the Order of the Templar Knights of Australia – Inc. Assoc. 

We are a non-denominational organisation, and operate as a modern-day non-profitable, and charitable Order of the Templar Knights. Our members are not restricted to be high educated professionals, as we dont talk with a forked tongue, we don’t hold sophisticated conversations (which always leads to no result), we don’t try to outsmart each other, we have no secrets between members, and we have a democratic voting system. 

My primary education in life taught me to believe all and every information I was given. My further education with the Templar Knights, taught me to question everything I was told to believe.

           21.01.2020 – proudly present themselves: our new             Squire Kyle, Yeoman Stephen and Squire Patrick 

Knights Templar Aims. TODAY’S Templar Knights try to-uphold the truth, chivalry AND respect no matter what colour, creed or RELIGION. also we protect the knowledge of the Templar knights for the past 900yrs.

Yes, sometimes we do have fun.